We save the world's most important information: your classroom education

It's time to give students a second chance to catch up on missed class time. Lessonbank is a free lecture recording system and instructional archive that provides students with a complete video history of all their past classes--from kindergardent through college--in a YouTube style web app.

For the first time ever, Lessonbank will give parents visibility into the classroom instructional process by providing parents with 24/7/365 access to videos of their child's actual classes--enabling parents to engage in their child's education at school in ways never before possible.

Lessonbank gives brick and mortar schools the ability to offer a full schedule of synchronous, teacher-led classes that can be attended in-person or online--which is a value cyber schools are unable to match with their low touch (1-2 lectures per class per week) asynchronous approach.

Low pay--combined with new health and safety risks--is driving a nationwide shortage of teachers. To help close the gap, we sell school-approved ads that appear before parents watch videos--and we split the proceeds with teachers to ensure that teaching is a well-paid profession.