Make class available from everywhere 24/7/365

Offer in-person, online and hybrid 

Lessonbank offers educators automated lecture streaming to engage remote students in their traditional in-person classes.  Not only does this help absent students attend classes they would otherwise miss in person, it gives students an opportunity to take a full schedule of teacher-led classes that can be attended in person, synchronously online, asynchronously online, or a hybrid of all three 

Meet students where they are

Lessonbank was built with Google Meet to offer students a full schedule of classes that can be attended in-person, online, or a hybrid of both--making learning more accessible than ever

Get remote students engaged

Remote students can experience an in-class learning experience--complete with hand raising, class participation, and real time audio and video enabled engagement--from their homes

Increase participation with reactions

Reduce pressure for students to participate by enabling students to make emoji reactions to classroom instruction.   Reactions appear in the teacher's tile, and at the bottom left of the screen

Collaborate with breakout rooms

Teachers can use breakout rooms to give remote students an opportunity to collaborate and work in smaller groups--and all while remaining in the online class being live streamed on Google Meet

Gain insights with polls

Teachers can create polls for students to vote on during class. These polls can be useful for making checks on comprehension, facilitating discussions, and collecting anonymous responses to questions

Clarify with Q&A sessions

Regardless if you're teaching in-person, online, or a combination of both students, it's important to leave space for questions. With a couple clicks, teachers can run interactive Q&A sessions 

Camera shy?  Turn off the camera

While recording video is legal in all public school classrooms, some teachers may not want to be on camera.  With Meet, they can turn off the camera and instead share just their screen and audio

Grow your ADM

Lessonbank offers schools a real opportunity to grow ADM (average daily membership) by giving students a second chance to attend class online and a third chance by watching videos of missed classes