Make classroom instruction reviewable for the first time ever

Stop throwing away valuable lectures

Lessonbank gives teachers an easy way to digitally transform their classes-simplifying the process of streaming, recording, captioning, transcribing, archiving, hosting and sharing lecture videos with students and parents.   Lessonbank turns live lectures (which are ephemeral and only benefit those in attendance) into persistent digital learning assets (lecture videos) that can be watched anytime to fill in the gaps of missed classes and confusing lectures--making school reviewable for the first time ever.  With Lessonbank, everyone can experience a perfectly attended classroom education.

Live stream classes

Lessonbank was built with Google Meet to engage remote students and to make lecture capture a one click experience

As a One Roster certified solution, Lessonbank can sync with your school's master schedule to automatically generate Google Meet links for every class on your schedule.  

When students cannot attend in person, they can attend virtually by clicking the'Launch Class' link in Lessonbank at the start time. 

If students can't attend virtually for whatever reason, they can still get credit for attending by watching the video of the missed class in its entirety--as Lessonbank can track progress and report back the result to your student information system to update attendance records

Record classes

Lessonbank makes lecture capture as simple as hitting the record button.  But before you do, you have the option of including two valuable features: 

First, you can include live captions in multiple languages to assist students during the live stream.

Second, you can auto-generate a text transcript of the lecture for students. Combining a transcript with the lecture video offers a powerful form of multi-sensory learning that can drastically improve learning and comprehension.  

And if teachers are uncomfortable on camera, they can turn off the camera altogether and simply share their screen and audio--which still provides a great remote learning experience.

Archive and share classes

When class is over, Lessonbank automatically archives the video for teachers and students in their own personal archive. 

Teachers can search their archive of past classes to find videos that are helpful in remediating truant and struggling students.  

Additionally, teachers can use their classroom lecture videos to deliver flipped classroom learning experiences.  

The best part about using Lessonbank to generate content for flipped learning is that the content is relevant--and delivered by the student's actual teacher.

Lessonbank also transcribes the audio into a lecture document that students can use for notes and to read along with the lecture. 

Lessonbank then shares the video and document with students and parents for review and remediation in their own personal archives.

And of course, if something goes wrong, teachers can delete the video at any time and replace it with a better video from another section.  

With Lessonbank, teachers control the entire recording process--from starting and stopping--to deleting and replacing videos.  

Host class videos for students

Lessonbank provides students with videos of their classroom education--including all of the classes they missed along the way---permanently hosted in a searchable YouTube-style web archive that is available around the clock for review and remediation (even after graduation)

Lessonbank class videos offer a real solution to fill in the gaps of learning loss.  These videos give students a second chance to catch up on missed classes and confusing subjects--ensuring that students never miss out on a moment of their education.  

Lessonbank is a progressive web app that is available on any internet connected device 24/7/365--even during the summer and after graduation--to support students along their life journey

Make instruction searchable

Lessonbank automatically transcribes the audio of each lecture into an editable document that students can use as the foundation for their notes. 

However, we use these transcripts to make classroom instruction searchable by keyword

This enables students to find relevant answers to their questions in the form of a lecture video that was previously delivered by their actual classroom teacher